Emerald Isle is proud to provide Credit Card Processing through Card Connect Рa First Data Company. Join over 67,000 other businesses, from Fortune 500 to newly formed start-ups who use CardConnect to securely process and manage their transactions. Our small-to-midsize business offering, CardPointe, is a comprehensive platform that includes a powerful reporting and transaction management portal which extends to a native mobile app. For enterprise- level organizations, CardSecure integrates omni-channel payment acceptance into popular ERP systems Рsuch as Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards and Infor M3 Рin a way that minimizes PCI compliance requirements and lowers transaction costs.

It is our firm belief that it is the complete view of costs that need to be evaluated when considering a credit card processor, and as such we offer a free, no obligation review of your current processing costs. Very simply put, it’s our goal to save you money and provide a long term, stable, well serviced account. Contact Us today to learn more!

5 Reasons To Choose Emerald Isle Merchant Services

  1. We help our clients find solutions that are the best fit for their needs and provide a free rate analysis.
  2. Our goal is to lower the net effective rate pricing – we look at the whole picture.
  3. We help you avoid PCI risks.
  4. We help you become EMV compliant.
  5. We offer next day funding

If you do not understand any of these, or want the best merchant services rates on the market, Contact Us today!

If you are interested in being an Independent Sales Representative, Emerald Isle offers multiple options for employment. Feel free to Contact Us, and we will provide details on how to apply.

Our Favorite EMV Compliant Card processors.

The FD130 Terminal

EMV Compliant Credit Card Processor

The FD130 Terminal allows you to accept payments quickly and gets you ready for the latest in EMV
chip-enabled payment devices.
The FD130 Terminal from First Data is an affordable solution that combines performance, reliability and ease of use in compact, feature-rich devices.

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The Pax S80 Terminal

EMV Compliant Pax S80 Terminal

PAX’s S80 is an advanced countertop POS terminal which combines innovation, durability and high
performance to assure faster, more reliable transactions.
The PCI PTS 3.x approved S80 offers advanced connectivity, equipped with various communication
technologies such as Dial and Ethernet. An intuitive ATM style interface and ergonomic keypad
make operation easier for merchant and consumer alike.

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